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  • Payton Myers

2018 Staff Skincare Pick

Tanning lotions are like chips, you can never just stop at one. That being said, if you're looking for a top notch bronzer this one pretty much does it all! As with all our lotions we test them out prior to selling them in the salon, and all of us we very impressed with this product! Starting with the overall feel of the lotion, we were all happy it was non-greasy and applied easily. That's thanks to the silicone blend, which we will detail below.

After tanning, we were WOWED by how much color we all got from one session! With this lotion you would want to avoid showering it off for at least a few hours, because the bronzers will continue to develop well after your tanning session. So the next day our color was still spectacular! No after-tan odor or problems with streaking. This is SUCH a step up from the 2017 Miss Designer that is similar, but in our opinion does not compare to Stardom. This lotion eleimated all the issues we had with Miss Designer.

Each staff member has somewhat different skin tones ranging from fair to medium/dark, and none of us had any issues with it being too dark or streaking. If you are looking to get quick color, superior moisturization, and a flawless finish we highly recommend Stardom by Designer Skin.

With starry eyes, endless dreams and a glow that belongs among the stars, the whole universe is yours. Designer Skin’s 60X Bronzing Force™, with Dark Abyss Elixir™ and GlowGevity Complex™, ensures an out of this world bronze and infinite glow. Experience the magnitude of Sumptuous Silicone Blend and Stargaze Flawless Finish™ for a superior cosmic feel and perfected look. Take your bronze to a new galaxy… Stardom awaits!

  • Stellar 60X Bronzing Force™ is Designer Skin’s darkest and longest lasting combination of bronzing ingredients, with Dark Abyss Elixir™ for flawless extended color development lasting up to twice as long

  • GlowGevity Complex™ draws moisture to skin to ensure a beaming glow

  • Sumptuous Silicone Blend has a luscious, light weight feel, with superior spreadability, to leave skin hydrated and exceptionally silky

  • Stargaze Flawless Finish™ provides a look of perfection, helping to diffuse light for a softer, younger looking appearance

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