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  • Payton Myers

Pink Cheeks Too; Sneak Peek!

Everyone always asks us, why call it Pink Cheeks? The owner of Pink Cheeks is actually named Pinki! She came up with the name as she was opening the salon back in 2012. Since then we have had endless fun playing on our name creating fun and engaging logos.

Pinki opened her first salon in 2012 in Oroville, CA with some seriously hard work & help from awesome and knowledgeable friends. She knew she wanted a place where everyone could feel comfortable & look forward to visiting. Her ultimate goals was to open a place where everyone feels comfortable and happy to be there, while also providing a great service. Her staff know this feeling first hand, and work diligently to provide her customers with her vision.

So in 2018 Pinki decided that we were becoming entirely too busy at our Oroville location. She figured that clients time is important, and she decided to open a new location with more beds, and also different services that may not be currently available in our little town. As of this blog the finishing touches are being put on that new location and it should be open soon! So this is our sneak peek of the second location n Oroville! Important note: the best part is that every Pink Cheeks client can use their package at both locations! They are on opposite ends of town so our hope is this is more convenient for customers!

Decorating has commenced, and this is our cute new lobby!

Love our new lobby!

This hallway is a little longer than the original Pink Cheeks, because there's MORE BEDS!

It's crazy that we picked the paint samples when the rooms were just newly built empty shells! Look behind my hand in this photo above and you'll see it looked NOTHING like it does now! So much fun to see from start to finish.

And of course little Lexi visited too, and boy oh boy does this photo make us love our new hardwood floors that much more!

All in all we enjoyed ourselves so much building this new salon for all of you, even though there were a few, or maybe more like 1,000 setbacks and headaches.....

We now have more levels of beds, more beds overall, and some interesting new services! Stay tuned for our official open date! <3


Pink Cheeks Team

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