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Our Second Oroville Salon is OPEN!

FINALLY. The new salon is open for business! We're so excited to open a new salon, and we hope that our clients enjoy the new equipment! You'll still be seeing the same familiar faces, as each of our staff works at both salons. This side of town desperately needed a tanning salon so that those of us that work or live on this end of town don't have to drive all the way across town , especially with all the recent traffic!

ADDRESS: 2118 5th Avenue, Oroville, CA, 95966. Located in the Mission Square Complex,

We tried to bring a diverse selection of products & services to this location, so that everyone has a little something of what they look for in a salon.

This salon includes 9 rooms, and 5 levels of tanning. We also have a red light rejuvenation & tanning COMBO bed which we hope everyone loves as much as we do! ( see our blog post on red light here -

Level 1- Still our much loved Tropical Series beds! 32 Lamp 100 watt beds with 2 facials that you can turn off/on.

Level 2- Solaris 542, a step up from the Solaris at our original location, for the same price! 160 watt reflector lamps and 3 high pressure facials you can turn off/on.

Level 3- Standup , and for only a maximum of 10 minutes, this bed gives an amazing tan! 200 watt reflector bulbs that are I-N-T-E-N-S-E!

Level 4- We have TWO Level 4 LOTUS beds to decrease wait times for the popular level, 160 watt lamps, comfortable open-air design, and an easy 12 minute max time.

Level 5- OUR FAV! Future Sun High Pressure Tanning Bed. 4 1,000 watt facials that are adjustable, 2 separate cooling controls, onboard a/c, a large tanning surface, 20 high pressure canopy bulbs, and 160 watt bench lamps, annnnnnnnddddd an easy 10 minute max tan time! (below)


Follow us on Instagram & Facebook to stay updated on all the great specials we are running & will run! @pinkcheekstanning

And, Text "PINK" to 873-65 to get text message updates on all things going on in the salon!

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