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5 Tips for Tanner Legs

So you're getting great color....except on your legs. You're not alone! A lot of people have a hard time getting color on their legs. We've got some tips to help ya out. If you can't get your feet tan check out our pro tip at the bottom of the page!

1. Make sure none of your lotion or shaving products contain mineral or petrolatum oil.

- Many, in fact most, moisturizers contain an ingredient called mineral or petrolatum oil. For example, Victorias Secret, Jergens, Aveeno, etc all contain this ingredient. While it is not a terrible ingredient, it is terrible for your tan you're working so hard for! This causes your skin to turn over more quickly, and since your tan is only the first few layers of your skin, you will notice it fades very fast! But, don't think you can just skip the moisturizer! Dry flaky skin will also cause your tan to fade faster too, so always be sure to use a high quality "tan extending" moisturizer. Some of our favorites are the Hempz line, Juicy & Angel. As for shaving cream, just skip it and use conditioner! Works just as well and leaves your skin silky smooth, without fading your tan (although shaving in itself does cause some fading- but I mean we can't avoid that chore forever)

2. Use a tingler.

- If you've never tried a tingler before, use a packet before purchasing a whole bottle! Tinglers work great to tan hard to tan areas like the legs & chest. The active ingredient in a tingler helps to increase circulation and bring blood to the surface of your skin, therefore increasing oxygenation to produce deep, dark tanning results. Tinglers are not recommended for beginner tanners, & please let a staff member know if you do use one!

3. Use a heavier DHA bronzer.

- If a tingler sounds unappealing to you- they're not for everyone- try a bronzer with a higher concentration of DHA. DHA bronzers are a basically a sugar that when applied to skin produce a darkening effect because of a reaction between the amino acids of your surface skin cells and the product. If you are worried about orange coloration, just be sure to speak with one of our trained staff members about what is best for you, we sell high quality lotions that have a good blend of erythrulose and DHA, which the addition of really helps the tone of your tan to appear richer and more even. Leave your lotion on for atleast 2 hours after tanning, if you can wait longer, do so!

Fascinate is one of our favorite DHA/Erythrulose blend lotions.

4. Upgrade to a High Level Bed!

- Rotation between beds is important no matter what level you start in. IF ever you feel like you have plateaued, it is most likely because you are using the same bed each time you tan. If you have been using Level 1 or 2, and feel like maybe your legs or chest need a boost, hop in a Standup Level 3 or 4 for an extra dose of UVA, which has an oxidizing effect on the melanin you have produced in the lower level beds and can deepen. On the flipside of this, if you have been soley using the Level 5 High Pressure bed at the 2118 5th Ave, Oroville location, you will need to periodically jump down to a level 1 or 2 to get some UVB which will help you produce more melanin. Ask your staff member for a personalized tanning schedule if you aren't sure!

Level 5

5. Use a professional gradual tanning lotion daily.

- An easy way to keep your color going, especially if you are not able to come in for as many sessions as you'd like is to use a gradual tanning lotion that doubles as a tan extending moisturizer like the ones we mentioned at the top of this blog. Most will contain a very small amount of DHA, so it is easy to apply and there is no worry about streaking or uneveness if you're in a hurry applying it after your morning shower! This is one of our fav ways to make sure we always have a little glow on our legs. Crown of Gold by devoted Creations is one of our favorites! Aloe is the first ingredient so it is very soothing and hydrating, and the amount of DHA is just perfect in our opinion! If you prefer something that will give your legs an INSTANT and DARK tan, we also have many fantastic self-tanners available. Venetian by Norvell is an easy to apply mousse that will give you a deep Mediterranean tan. The purple base of this product works well with cool-toned blondes or skin tones. Vivid is the owners favorite! It is also a "gradual" tanning lotion but does have more instant cosmetic bronzers in it than other gradual lotions. When you purchase these products, our staff members will thoroughly go over how to use them!

Last Pro-Tip: If your feet are not getting tan, flip around and place your feet under the facials in any bed!

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