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What Tan Lines?

Tanning Tip Time! If you're coming to a salon, you *probably* are looking to get rid of keep tan lines away! So what do you do when you notice your getting some white spots or lines? We can help!

Depending on what bed you are using there is always one small area that will be receiving less light so the bed can open/close properly etc. Most commonly you may notice your sides and under your arms especially are paler than the rest of your torso, especially if you lay with your arms down at your sides. The FASTEST way to remedy this is to do 2-3 sessions in a stand up bed! Stand-Ups are by far the most even tan, as you stand with your arms extended above your shoulders. If you just cannot do the stand up, try rotating in the tanning bed. If you tan for 12 minutes, lay on your back for 3 minutes, switch to laying on your left side with the right arm extended above your head, then 3 minutes on your stomach, and finally 3 minutes laying on your right side with your left arm extended above your head. This ALSO helps if you are getting a little rabbit tail white spot on your tailbone. This spot occurs on people who lay on their back the whole time, as all the pressure is usually on the tailbone, therefore not allowing proper blood flow which impedes the tanning process. To tan this area in a lay down bed be sure you are gently pressing your tailbone up off of the tanning surface every few minutes during your session.

Another common area is the white "smile lines" under the booty! Really, the best way to fix this is to tan in the standup and lean forward slightly until you are so there is light hitting that area.

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