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What steps should I take before my Spray Tan?

So you're getting a spray tan...and you've never had one with us before! We're excited, because we know you're gonna love it! There are a few steps to take before coming in to the salon for you spray tan!

1. Shave the day BEFORE your spray tan.

2. Exfoliate and shower the day of your spray tan using a loofah or a pre-sunless scrub, no salt or sugar scrubs unless they are specially formulated for spray tanning.

3. When you come in for your spray tan, make sure you have no lotion, deodorant, or makeup on, just fresh clean skin! Wear baggy clothes.

4. Be prepared to avoid getting wet or excessively sweaty for atleast 6 hours after your spray tan.

when you come in for your spray, the tanning consultant will show you exactly how to use the booth, and apply any pre-blending creams and answer any questions about the process you may have!

The Mystic and Versa spray tans are completely private and do not require an appointment. If you have any questions please call:

Oroville- 530-533-8267

Yucaipa- 909-790-7800

pink cheeks client getting a spray tan

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