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Why Do I Need A Tan Extender?

Bittersweet by Designer Skin Moisturiser

THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR TAN, & YOUR SKIN? MOISTURIZE! We know, our moms have been telling us to moisturize since we were young, but seriously, it's so important! It's also critical when your trying to build and maintain a tan. Hydrated skin tans easier, and faster, and lasts longer. The problem we see is when clients use the wrong kind of moisturizer.

Many, many common moisturizers and body lotions contain mineral or petrolatum oil, which is very detrimental to that tan you are trying so hard to build! These ingredients actually draw moisture our of your skin, which is why if you skip a day, you might feel like your skin is very tight.

Always use a moisturizer without these ingredients whether you are a UV or Sunless tanner! Lotions that say "Tan Extender" aren't always a safe bet either, so be sure to use trusted brands! We recommend Designer Skin, Hempz, Swedish Beauty & Devoted Creations to name a few. Our favorite Summer scents of HEMPZ just came out, check them out below!

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