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Holiday Gift Guide

holiday hempz

Gift giving can sometimes be a little stressful. If you're thinking of going the beauty/spa/tanning route we're here to help!

We usually recommend a gift card somewhere in the ballpark of $60 for people who may want to tan, that is usually enough to cover a whole month of tanning and a pair of the required eyewear. Of course we can go over all our package options with you if you think your giftee would like a higher level bed, or maybe they like spray tans, and those are only $26 so a gift card of $30 is perfect - and more affordable too.

Often, we get people who would prefer not to assign a dollar amount on the gift card and would prefer we just write *One Spray Tan Session* for example! And we can definitely do that, and just ring you up for the exact cost of the spray tan.

To dress up your gift certificate we have tons of sweet holiday themed gifts to basket together, such as glittery spiced nutmeg scented bath bombs, full size holiday scent moisturizers, and smaller options such as sample packets of quality tanning skincare to start them off on the right foot!

We love the holidays- and are always happy to help you pick out the perfect gift!

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