Frequently asked questions

Do I need to make an appointment?

No appointment is necessary at any of our locations, in fact we don't take them! For spray tanning, our automated booths are available anytime during our business hours, see the question below for pre-spray instructions.

How should I prepare for my spray tan?

Before your spray tan just follow these simple steps:

  1. Shave & Exfoliate 48 hours before. Do not use a sugar scrub to exfoliate as the ingredients could cause your spray tan to be uneven, instead use a loofah or washcloth to thoroughly exfoliate.
  2. Prior to your spray tan, shower & do not apply any lotions, makeup or deodorandt. For best results use a pre-sunless body wash, or one free of excess oil or sulfates.
  3. Wear loose, dark clothing and no socks. In summertime please be sure to bring a towel to sit on if you have leather seats, and an umbrella if it is raining.
  4. Be prepared to avoid getting wet in any way for 6 hours after your spray tan. No showering, swimming, going to the gym, or doing dishes.

What are your packages and prices?

Each location has some variation in levels of tanning & therefore pricing. Pricing is the same for all beds of the same level. Oroville Salons offer UV Tanning from 1- 5 levels, including a high pressure combination bed that we love! Tanning memberships start at $29 a month, with discounted rates offered to local gym members. Each salon offers a completley private automated spray tan booth & unlimited spray tanning memberships start at $49 per month. Choose from: Sessions Session Bundles Unlimited One Month Loyalty Club Memberships & see your nearest salon for details on pricing as they vary depeding on the level of bed you choose. See our specials page, instagram or facebook for information on current specials!

What is your membership policy?

Once the minumum length of your loyalty club has been met, to cancel we just require a signed 30 days notice to be completed at the salon you signed up. If this is not possible for you please call your nearest salon (see footer below) to speak with management on your cancellation method options. A 30 Days notice is required regardless of delivery. A $10 late fee will be applied to all declined membership accounts.

I had days left on my package when you closed during COVID-19, what happened to them?

Good News! To make it easy on our customers, we have already added back any days lost to your account. Those days will re-start on the day you first come back in to tan with us!