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3 Ways Summer Is Sabotaging Your Tan

We love the opportunity summer gives us to show off our tans! But if you're noticing your tan is fading faster than normal, there could be a reason.

1. Saltwater & Chlorine

Saltwater and Chlorine and not great for tans! And even worse for spray tans! they dry out your skin, and after extended dips in the pool can strip the solution from your skin and often cause uneven wear off. Pat dry immediately after getting in the water and make sure to keep your skin moisturized!

2. Shaving

We get it, it's summer, you're wearing shorts, so of course you're shaving more than normal! With a spray tan, the top layer of your skin cells are the ones that are tanned, so shaving doesn't fade your tan so much as it removes solution from your legs and increases exfoliation of dead skin cells which can take off tan, real or sprayed.

3. Mineral Oil

Your lathering on the lotions this time of year, believe us we know! Mineral Oil is an ingredient in many lotions and moisturizers. This ingredient fades and strips your tan you worked so hard for! It is common in Jergens, Drugstore Tanning Lotions, Bath & Body, Aveeno, Victoria's Secret, etc. Mineral Oil is too large a molecule to be absorbed properly by the skin and can also block proper absorption of your sunless tan. BUT, if you throw out all your mineral oil products BE SURE and stay moisturized with a quality tan extending moisturizer to get the best results!

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